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Ballistic Betties – Women’s Firearm Training Group


An ongoing training oriented group for Female shooters to improve their comfort at skill at arms and basic self defense (hand to hand).  Bi-monthly, we will host a training class for firearms and on alternate months a Self defense Class.

The firearms course is designed for women that have never touched a weapon and those looking to improve their fundamentals and for those with experience looking to improve their skill at arms. Women who attend this Steiner Academy of Firearms Training course will be more comfortable around firearms, and knowledgeable on safe operation, maintenance, handling and marksmanship.  Subject matter for the firearms classes will change from month to month and be tailored to the attendees.  Regular attendees will learn multiple firearm platforms (pistol, rifle, shotgun) over time, the main focus will be pistol but other platforms will be covered to broaden the skill at arms of Ballistic Betties Members.

Focus will be on safety at all times: safe pick-up, holding, handing off, loading/unloading, malfunction clearance and storage. There will be a variety of guns available to help discern preference. While bringing your firearm is encouraged, firearm ownership is not required for this class. Rentals are limited, Reserve through Inner10 Weapons and training

Students completing this course will leave with a new found confidence in their skill and comfort at arms.

Self defense classes will be held at Steiner Academy of Martial Arts – 3908 N. 138th Street . We will cover the fighting mindset, situational awareness, conflict resolution, and physical self defense techniques.

Ballistic Betties

Women's Firearms Training

Ballistic Betties

Self Defense Training
Cost: $79 or $94 for beginners includes intro hour
Course Length: 2 hours
When: As Scheduled
Where: Inner 10 Classroom and Range – 8910 Military
Level: All levels
Prerequisites: None
Topics covered:
  • Operation
  • Maintenance
  • Safe handling
  • Marksmanship
  • Handing off
  • Loading/unloading
  • Malfunction clearance
  • Storage
Required Gear:
  • Eye and ear protection (wrap-around eye-protection)
  • Shoes appropriate for athletic movement, closed toe
  • Shirt with at least a crew-neck or collar to avoid hot brass encounters
  • Quality holster and Belt – available at Inner10 weapons and training
  • Optional
    • Semi automatic or revolver handgun
    • 1 (+) Spare magazines
    • magazine carriers
Ammunition Requirements
  • Ammo 100 rounds for your personal firearm caliber if bring otherwise ammo and gun rentals can be purchased day of class at Inner10 Weapons and Training
Cost: $49
Course Length: 2 hours
When: As Scheduled
Where: Steiner Academy of Martial Arts / 3908 North 138th St. Omaha, NE
Level: All levels
Prerequisites: None
Topics covered:
  • Basic Self Defense
Required Gear: Comfortable athletic clothing